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kedim ve ben

"birden gecem tutarsa güneşi çevir bana"

What's big Life got to do with it?
A wonderwall or just a lemon searching for the Sun
or a Star that has not been named yet.
I am not an artist but the art is the way
that opens windows for fresh and unusual breath.
I believe in that all people are artist in their daily life,
on their own styles with their routines, their suffers and their joys.
Lines, stains, sketches, colour, images, sounds
are our inevitable rain to touch at the heart
and to stop the fire in the rooms of the mind
which has already set to the rain... (one more time)
I turn, return and turn again..
like I do, undo and redo in the timeline of life
or a sweet thread between "to be" and "not to be"...
In each turn, without being kept by sweet gravity,
my spiral, my trajectory expands towards 
the wonderlands where no need compass
and I draw my road ahead with a keyboard
used to be in another laguage..
The keyboard knows... I know...
Art maybe an apology from the past,
and a flagship to make today float,
and a wish upon stars...
I don't know.. the journey is to discover...

Nowadays, now and then and here...

Attila Tormus
13 December 2015

What remains in time
that didn't fade away?
Sometimes I need to see
the way it used to be

Pet Shop Boys / The way it used to be

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